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Roof Hail Damage

Roof Hail Damage Conroe

If you’ve stayed in New England for any length of period of time, you’ve possibly had your reasonable share of nasty weather conditions. We consider ourselves troopers when it concerns weather calamities, from freak 5-foot snow storms to wind storms that can cause power blackouts. When a storm is coming close to us, we love to tease our southern brothers and sisters, especially Texans, concerning their inability to drive when a few snowflakes blow through the air; they panic and fret about needing to get stocked up “bread and milk and toilet paper” from the local grocery store. However, in spite of our fearlessness in enduring the wintertime weather, we have really no chance against the grainy precipitation that is HAIL! Thankfully, our location has actually not been belted by a major hail storm in a looooong time, but there were a couple of records of 1-inch hail falling in Essex County in 2020. In previous years, there were a lot more, bigger and much more hazardous hail storms. In Connecticut, for instance, there were 12 reports of hail storm falling in 2015, as well as ten occurrences in 2012. (These New Englanders do know just how to spin a great yarn!) We hope that this year’s hail storm season is not quiet like last year’s, yet it’s always best to be prepared..
Let’s talk about the damages a hailstorm can do to residential or commercial properties and what steps you need to take if your property has been affected by hail.


Let’s discuss the damages hail storm can do to homes and what actions you need to take if your home has actually been affected by hail.
Annually, hail storm causes regarding a billion dollars in home damage as well as can affect various sort of roofing material in various methods.

Hail Damage Tile Roof
Damage to clay tile roof

Asphalt Shingle roof

If your roofing system has asphalt or composite shingles, you might discover bruising after a winter season, or summer season, hailstorm storm – these are anxieties, or divots, on the shingle which may be soft to the touch. Granules might also be missing out on in spots of tile where the hail storm has actually dislodged them. Splits and even punctures right via the asphalt or composite shingles are various other indicators that hailstorm has damaged the roof covering!

Cedar Shingle Roof

Hailstones will certainly divide or chip off the sharp sides of wood roofing. If you discover unnatural clips or pieces missing out on from wood shake roofing after a hail storm event, it’s likely that the damage was brought on by these frozen stones of water. You may also see some discoloration around the sides of splits or disparities in the surface area of the timber, which are indications of hail damages. Yes, Mother earth is proficient at distressing lumber!

Slate Roof

If you have slate on you roof, you’re generally risk-free from hail storm damages, but greatly wind-driven stones or abnormally large ones can cause chaos. The quality of your slate tiles, in addition to exactly how they were set up, can have an impact on how the hail affects a slate roofing. Clay shingles, e.g., clay ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are not as durable. Moderate hailstones can trigger tiny hairline cracks in a clay roofing, but big hailstones will certainly create chaos as

Metal Roof Hail Damaged
Older style metal roofs – significant hail storm.

well as leave you with a major problem. If your area experiences constant hailstorm events, it is best to pick a different tile.

Metal Roof

If you have an older style metal roof, it can get beat up by hail! But the newer roofs, with superior coatings, are much more resilient to a damaging hail storm.
Back to Texas. We wish that no one’s residence is damaged by hailstorm this year, and also you never ever know what type of rainy climate is brewing in our state.

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In a worst-case scenario, if you’ve been impacted by a hail or wind storm and are “concerned”  about your roof, call Orlando Marrero at HRI Roofing, in Conroe, at 210 660 5331. We’ll look your residential or commercial property and tell you about whatever problems we find!
Roof, gutters, siding, etc.
And don’t worry; frequently we see that everything is in tip top condition!


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