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Satellite Dish Removal Service

satellite dish removal Service Houston

Is it time to get rid of that unused satellite dish or antenna?
We can get that job done within a day, and you won’t have to worry about leaks!

A Dish satellite removal job is something that is best left to the Satellite dish mavens. 

satellite dish removal Service
Many Satellite dishes and Antennas on the roof and make for an ugly sight. We get rid of the eye sores!

Large Satellite Dish Removal

Satellite Dish Removal Houston
Commercial Satellite Dish Removal service in Houston

We safely remove large satellite dish devices, typically 5 feet to 8 feet in size (diameter)  from commercial and residential buildings.  This includes all of the steel mounting items, the cabling, and electronics.  We recycle all items in accordance with local codes. 

HRI is the satellite dish removal company that gets the job done without excuses, hassles, or overruns.

The cost for our service is competitive.  Call or email us for a quote.

Antenna Removal Service Houston

  • Want to remove that obsolete antenna from your roof, of the side of your House?
  • Want to improve the appearance of your house, commercial building, or property?
  • Satellite dish removal pros
  • Call Orlando at 888-661-0361. with 18 years of roofing experience, he can make your roof sparkle!
  • Same-Day or next day service.
  • No Leak Guarantee.

How Much does it cost to remove a satellite dish?

$250 to $400 is the ballpark cost for a small, 18″ to 24″ dish.  The price to remove a large satellite dish in the Houston area is $900 and up, depending on the location of the dish. We accept Check, Credit card, or Cash.

If you are seeking a local professional to remove your old satellite dish, then HRI Roofing is the right company for you.
We remove any and all unwanted satellite dishes or antennas from a house, apartment building, or commercial building for one low price.  This includes the footplate and all mounting hardware, cleanup, and disposal.

Furthermore, we offer:
* Reliable dish removal services, including roof repairs, and FREE inspections.
* Most of the time, we can get the job done within a few hours or so.
* Also, We work with commercial & residential buildings.

Satellite Dish Recycling

Satellite Dish on Metal Roof
Satellite Dish Removal Service | No leak warranty | Houston | Conroe | Sugar Land

HRI Roofing has a disposal service for DirecTV, Dish Network, and other equipment, and all related brackets, cables, standoffs, brackets, etc.

Call Orlando at 888-661-0361 to get that old antenna off of your house,  home or commercial building!

We have a 100%, no roof leak repair guarantee.

10-year warranty with our DISH REMOVAL / Roofing Services in the Houston area.

Call Orlando at 888-661-0361 to get that old antenna off of your house or home!

P.S. Orlando has complete roof repair services. 14 crews are ready to serve you! In house Financing is available.

Best Satellite Dish Removal

  • We will remove the dish or antenna at the agreed upon. 
  • You won’t have any leaks after we leave. 
  • We will clean up the roof and work area. 
  • And, we take care of the recycling. 
  • P.S.  We do offer a FREE, Best satellite dish removal service for qualifying non profit organizations.

This is why HRI is the best Satellite Dish removal service in the Houston area!  Look for “satellite dish removal service near me”.



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