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Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance Conroe

Performing regular roof maintenance is the easiest, cheapest way to keep your roof working properly for years to come.
Keeping your roof in good working order – its like checking your home ac system, maintaining your car, or getting a physical checkup.
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Here are some simple roof maintenance items many home owners can do on their own:
And if you can’t do this on your own, skip down 9 lines.

  • Check your Gutters – Keep them clean and firmly secured to the fascia
  • Keep tree branches from hitting your roof
  • If you live in a snowy area, Remove the Snow From Your Roof
  • Look for Lose, Cracked or Missing Shingles
  • If you see any Moss and Mold growing, remove it
  • Look for water stains in the ceiling and walls
  • Look for the origins of any water leaks
  • Make sure your insulation is in good shape
  • Get a free Roof Inspection

When in doubt, contact one or two roofing companies in you area and ask for a free roof inspection.

Clogged Gutter -Maintenance
Gutters clogged – Poor Maintenance
  • Ask them to take pictures of any trouble spots they may see.
  • They have the expertise, the ladders, and the tools to give your roof a comprehensive review.

If they point out some areas of concern, and you don’t quite understand what they are saying,
ask questions; they like talking to sharp people!
Ask them for a price to resolve the problems.
Simple repairs will cost less than a few hundred dollars.
And if you are in doubt, you can always contact another roofer and get a second opinion.

Roof Storm Damage

If your house or business was hit by a hail storm, a violent wind storm, or driving rain – there may be hidden damage.
Call Orlando with HRI Roofing.  He is your friendly, go to, hometown roof contractor.
Call him at 210 660 5331 as ask for that free inspection.
This company also has emergency tarping services, board up services, and of course, roof repair.


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